About the Club

Vegan Athletes is a group of both serious athletes as well as those who are simply interested in being fit. We all share the common passion and commitment to a lifestyle which is free of all animal proteins and byproducts.

We want to share the benefits of an active lifestyle with other vegans as well as be a positive example for the benefit of veganism itself. Whether you are serious about competing or just like to ride around town on your bike, we are here to support you.

We invite anyone who is vegan (or vegan curious) and is interested in being athletic at any level--or even those who are just starting out and want advice or training partners, to contact us. It's a great chance to make new friends and have support (if you are interested) in racing and representing the vegan lifestyle. We currently train and race in running, cycling, and triathlon events, but welcome all other sports as well.

"Member" Benefits

Although there is no explicit "membership" plan associated with Vegan Athletes, if you decide that you want to buy some clothing and/or hang out with us from time to time.

Where we'll be in 2012
Here are some of the races our members will be competing this year:
If you are a Vegan Athlete, tell us where you will be competing and we'll add it to the list.